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Long-term Volunteers and Key Seasonal Staff

Core Volunteers: Dave and Carol Wike, and Gary Robinson.

IBO relies heavily on many dedicated volunteers and field assistants each year
(too many to name them all!), but here are a few that stand out
as having been especially helpful in recent years.

Dave and Carol Wike: Volunteers Extraordinaire

Carol retired from a career in nursing in 2000 and became involved in various volunteer activities at that time. It took only a single trip to IBO’s Lucky Peak banding station to make her want to become involved.  Carol has since provided innumerable hours helping with songbird capture and banding, making hundreds of songbird bags, raptor banding, and hummingbird processing. She has also helped with other IBO events throughout the year, such Bald Eagle Days and International Migratory Bird Day.  Some of her favorite things she has done volunteering with IBO have been extracting songbirds from the mist nets and processing the raptors that Dave, her husband, has trapped. She has made many new friends on Lucky Peak and the staff always looks forward to her weekly help and fabulous cookies!

Dave and Carol WikeDave first joined IBO in 1996, learning how to ‘Hawk Watch’.  In the following years as IBO began and has continued passerine and near passerine (fall migrating songbirds, MAPS and hummingbird) banding, Dave has continued to be an enthusiastic volunteer.  In 2000 he began raptor banding on Lucky Peak, which is now one of his favorite things to do for IBO!  Additionally, he has assisted each season in camp and trapping site set up, the Bald Eagle Days events and International Migratory Bird Day banding demonstration. He has built and repaired nets and given slide presentations about IBO to various organizations throughout the Treasure Valley.  He also is on the IBO Advisory Board.  He has enjoyed working with and teaching crew members, students, and visitors about IBO and the birds.  He says that it has been exciting to be a part of the monitoring, research and community education that IBO does so well.

In addition to the many volunteer hours Dave and Carol have contributed, in 2011, they wanted to show their financial support for IBO and became Lifetime Members.

Gary Robinson: Volunteer Extraordinaire

Gary Robinson- Photo by Marissa BuschowGary was a key volunteer for 10 years, participating in the songbird banding program at Lucky Peak and also the hummingbird banding project in Idaho City. Gary hailed from Mountain Home and enjoyed bringing his grandchildren to IBO and getting them involved in outdoor activities. He was a master at extracting birds from nets, and he could carve, invent, or find a solution to any problem or equipment need we might have required. Whenever any IBO staff needed an item, whether it be a rubber band, duct tape, a plant guidebook, or even a bamboo rod, Gary had any supply or tool we could possibly want stashed in his Jeep Cherokee!  On March 30th, 2017, the IBO family lost one of our greats…

Deniz Aygen: Volunteer Extraordinaire

deniz_and_alaraDeniz grew up in Michigan and earned her B.S. in Biology from Michigan State University in 1997. Her enthusiasm for field research and her passion for environmental education have led Deniz around the world from the coast of Georgia to Appalachian Mountains of Virginia where she worked as a naturalist, to Israel, Italy, and Massachusetts banding migratory passerines and waterbirds, to the shores of Lake Superior and the Chesapeake Bay where she banded owls and ran a hawk trapping station. After the travelling itch was scratched, Deniz received her M.S. from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington in 2005. Her graduate research assessed the diet composition of Royal Tern chicks in the Chesapeake Bay. Shortly there after, Deniz moved to Idaho and joined IBO in the spring of 2005. She also assists with events and projects for the Golden Eagle Audubon Society. Deniz can often be found playing outside with her two daughters and husband, Greg, taking photos of all things lovely, and whipping up some crazy concoctions in the kitchen.

Liz Urban: Seasonal Staff

LizLiz received her Master’s degree in December of 2011 from the University of Arizona.   Her degree is in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Wildlife Conservation and Management, and her thesis research centered around Cooper’s hawks.  The majority of her bird related experience has involved working with raptors, but she has been able to expand her horizons recently while working with IBO.  Since moving to Boise in 2011 she has become an invaluable part of the IBO team, and has joined us working on the Long-billed Curlew Project, Hummingbird banding, and the fall songbird migration banding at Lucky Peak. Liz is also on the board of directors for the Golden Eagle Audubon Society.