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Posts about our Hummingbird banding project


Join us this summer!

Our summer banding dates are scheduled and we would love to have you join us! To visit our Boise River site this summer, sign up on Eventbrite today by clicking here. This free event is fun for the whole family! … (Read More) Join us this summer!

Little things can accomplish a lot

This tiny fledgling Calliope Hummingbird doesn’t let his size hold him back. Weighing as much as a dime and only a few months old, this little guy will soon be winging his way thousands of miles south…all the way to … (Read More) Little things can accomplish a lot

Hummingbirds and Climate Change: What can pollen tell us?

For years IBO has dreamed of adding pollen sampling to our summer hummingbird monitoring project to help us learn more about hummingbird diet. Thanks to some funding provided by the Murdock Partners in Science Program we have finally been able … (Read More) Hummingbirds and Climate Change: What can pollen tell us?

Wanted: Winter Hummingbird Sightings

We’re starting a new project, and need your help! Have you seen a hummingbird in Idaho this winter? Please contact us with your sightings. Learn more about this research project here: (Read More) Wanted: Winter Hummingbird Sightings

Hybrid Hummingbird in Idaho City!

Today was quite the exciting day at our hummingbird banding event in Idaho City! It was starting to warm up and capture rate was slowing down when a volunteer brought a hummingbird over to the banding table and said that … (Read More) Hybrid Hummingbird in Idaho City!

Hummingbirds Return from Mexico

Since May 17th of this year we have been conducting our hummingbird monitoring project. We have had 32 hummingbirds return to the same feeders that we originally banded them at over a year ago! Last fall these tiny hummingbirds travelled all the … (Read More) Hummingbirds Return from Mexico