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Posts about our Long-billed Curlew monitoring project

Curlews Monitoring Project

Transmitter Down in the Pahsimeroi

by Jay Carlisle Late last week I started to notice that something was amiss with Borah’s transmitter – in technical terms, the activity counter data was “stuck” which suggests the transmitter wasn’t moving. My heart sunk – in the 3 … (Read More) Transmitter Down in the Pahsimeroi

To Kill a Mockingbird

Sometime soon Jay and I will post the full story from our time at MPG Ranch in Montana, but in the mean time we wanted to share this crazy story. The second week of May we traveled to MPG Ranch … (Read More) To Kill a Mockingbird

Coyote vs. Curlew

We’re used to seeing curlews defend their nests from aerial predators while we’re out doing surveys, but yesterday Ben, one of our all-star curlew technicians, witnessed some behavior we’ve never seen before when a ground predator showed up: Story by … (Read More) Coyote vs. Curlew

To the Salton Sea

Back in December I was presented with an opportunity to attend a January conference in San Diego and I was really torn.  I knew I would have lots of deadlines this month and, while I very much enjoy the traveling, … (Read More) To the Salton Sea

Curlews on the move! (in November?!)

Since all our transmittered curlews left Idaho, I’ve watched their movements with excitement as it seems that every week or two something unexpected happens.  It’s already been an eventful non-breeding season in terms of challenges faced by our curlews: Ada … (Read More) Curlews on the move! (in November?!)

Another Curlew Loss

We’ve learned a lot about our transmittered Curlews so far as we tracked their movements on the breeding grounds in Idaho and then followed their migration south for the winter. Part of the reason we wanted to follow these Idaho … (Read More) Another Curlew Loss

Three More Migrants

It’s been an exciting few weeks watching for updates on (the website that hosts our satellite telemetry data) – armchair biology at its best!!  One of our transmittered curlews had already left for California (via Nevada) in early June … (Read More) Three More Migrants

Some Curlew Discoveries

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning a lot about our Curlews and their behavior. Here are a few maps that show some interesting data about our birds: Habitat differences Here you can see maps from two of … (Read More) Some Curlew Discoveries

Bad news for one of our Curlews

We have some bad news to share.  Last week Jay became suspicious that something might be wrong with one of our transmitters since it was not transmitting/displaying normally. On Sunday a team led by Liz went out and was able … (Read More) Bad news for one of our Curlews

Curlew Satellite Update

During the week of May 6th we were able to attach 3 satellite transmitters to Long-billed Curlews breeding in the Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) southwest of Emmett, ID. Here are some photos of the trapping and ‘transmittering’ process: … (Read More) Curlew Satellite Update