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IBO needs your help to accomplish our goals!

Click the links below to learn about ways you can get involved:

We need your skills and talents:

The IBO appreciates volunteers who can share their specific skills and talents. Volunteers with particular skills or interests may contact IBO to see about donating their time and expertise to an IBO project. Certain skills may be especially useful during certain times of year or for certain purposes (for example, we need help searching for Curlew nests only during the early spring, and we appreciate articles published in local media to spread the word about IBO just before our fall migration season). If IBO doesn’t require services right away, we may ask for contact information to reach you at a later date. The following is a list of skills IBO currently has a need for, however it is not exhaustive and your creative suggestions are welcome. Contact us about volunteering at:

  • Photography
  • Construction abilities, equipment, or materials
  • Baking or gardening
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Graphic design
  • Professional Writing
  • Crafts
  • Artistic skills

We love to feature local artists at our office in downtown Boise, and art or photography pieces make great fundraisers.

We need food!

Last year we had delicious tomato donations and the Peaks visited and cooked us breakfast!

Last year we had delicious tomato donations and the Peaks visited to cook us a french toast breakfast!

Since we are only able to provide our Lucky Peak technicians with a small per diem, we try our best to provide some food for the crew throughout the season. We appreciate donations from individuals or businesses, including surplus garden veggies, “day olds”, baked goods, [and Bacon!!]. Our crew is full of young people who are seemingly always hungry!

Do you have a local business or restaurant that could help contribute food or gift certificates to help our intern crew?

If so, contact our director, Greg, for information about how you can help.

We need gear:

Running a field station for three months requires a lot of gear and equipment! Some of our current equipment needs include:
• Optics (binoculars or spotting scopes for education/outreach, Lucky Peak, and Curlews)
• A 4-wheeler or ATV
• Camping gear
• Clothing (especially cold weather gear)
• Donations

Do you know a local business that might be interested in donating some gear? Contact us at

Job Opportunities

We hire technicians for various breeding season monitoring projects throughout the state. We typically fill these positions by February or March, so please contact us in the winter if you are interested in work for the next summer.

Internship Opportunities

Are you a student? We are set up to provide internship credits at Boise State University. Contact us if you are interested in doing a research project or other student internship with us.

We run our Lucky Peak research station using almost exclusively volunteer technicians. These 2-3 month, full time internship positions include: Hawk watch, Owl Banding, and Songbird Banding.

The Lucky Peak technician positions are typically filled by June of each year. If you are interested in a position, please contact us.
We provide training and per diem for these full-time volunteer internships.

Are you in another country and interested in an internship? Read more about our international connections here, and contact us for more information.

We post all our job and internship opportunities on the Texas A&M job boards.

Community Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering on any of the following projects, you may contact us at

Lucky Peak Fall Migration Project and Boise River Project

Read more about our Lucky Peak project and the Boise River site.


Throughout the season regular maintenance must be performed to keep camp looking neat and tidy for visitors. Maintenance may include regularly scheduled duties (such as building new camp sites), as well as “as needed” cleanup jobs (clearing fallen trees, raking camp at the start of the season or after storms, etc).


One of our most important tasks. We can use help finding and writing grants, or acquiring donations from other places (e.g. food donations for crews, building material donations for camp maintenance)

Banding-related Volunteer Jobs

Volunteer positions directly related to the banding process require the most skill and training. Those interested in these positions should communicate with IBO staff about training opportunities. Positions include: Data Recorder (songbirds and raptors), Net Extractor (songbirds), and Bird Releaser (songbirds and raptors). Volunteer positions that involve direct handling of birds require a long-term (full season) commitment due to the extensive training investment required.

Hawk Watch

Keen-eyed observers are welcomed at the hawk watch station during watching hours. Volunteers may help spot, count, or identify passing raptors.

Hummingbird Banding

There are occasional opportunities to volunteer for hummingbird banding. Check our home page and calendar for updates on the Hummingbird Project. You can also email us with questions about the hummingbird project:
Read more about the Hummingbird Project.

Long-billed Curlew Project

We need volunteers to help us scout for and locate Curlew nests during the early spring. The more eyes we have to spot nests, the better! Email us if you are interested in volunteering, or read more about the Curlew Project.