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Foundational meeting to begin the Hummingbird Sub-committee for the North American Banding Council (NABC). Hosted by:


When: 8:30 am, Sept 12 through Lunch, Sept 15, 2018

Where: Cady Hall @ Patagonia Public Library, Patagonia, AZ 85624

This webpage is where we will be posting latest updates and more information about the meeting as it is developed. 

HOW TO REGISTER: Both pre-meeting and onsite registration are available. Registration fee TBD based upon meeting costs. Payment will be collected at the meeting. If you want to pre-register, please copy and paste the below questions into an email, and send the email to Please put “2018 NABC hummingbird meeting registration” in the subject line.  You may also register in person when you arrive, but pre-registration is encouraged.

  • Name:
  • Phone Number:
  • Email address:
  • Are you a current permitted hummingbird bander?
  • Where do you band?
  • Do you have any specific topics you’d like to see discussed at this meeting, relating to NABC and hummingbird banding?

MEETING OBJECTIVES: Engage the hummingbird banding community with NABC and develop an effective hummingbird banding sub-committee which seeks to improve hummingbird banding skills and inform this community about the latest techniques and study designs. Any permitted hummingbird bander is welcome to attend. We are seeking input from the entire banding community, to put together an inclusive and informed repository related to hummingbird banding.

TENTATIVE AGENDA: If you would like to suggest agenda topics, please email your ideas to Jessica Pollock – for consideration. Pending topics include:

  • NABC banders code of ethics
  • Peer-review of the NABC Hummingbird Banders Manual
  • Peer-review of the paper draft for the Tarsus measurement and Band-size recommendation study
  • Discuss and Develop NABC Certification protocols and materials
  • Discuss and Develop Training modules, materials, and workshops
  • Study Designs: When is banding the most appropriate technique?
  • Banding Demonstrations: Technique Sharing and Evaluating
  • Open to additional topic ideas…

Contact Information:  If you would like to attend the workshop or if you have any additional questions, please contact Jessica Pollock –

Before you arrive:  Review the latest draft of the North American Banding Council’s Hummingbird Banders Manual and the paper draft for Band Size recommendations. These materials will be available on this webpage by August 12, 2018.

What to bring:  please bring the banding tools that you will want to use to demonstrate your banding techniques and be prepared to discuss techniques that you would like to show the meeting participants.

Lodging and Living Expenses:  Patagonia has many lodging options for your choice. Patagonia’s website: provides much information, as do your favorite travel apps.