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Student Research

The Intermountain Bird Observatory’s connection with Boise State University has facilitated a strong partnership when it comes to mentoring graduate students. Many graduate students have worked closely with IBO to complete their thesis research.

Current Student Projects

These students are currently working towards their degrees at Boise State and have thesis projects directly tied to IBO or our research projects.

  • Aberg, Madeline–Human Recreation and Wildlife on the Snake River Birds of Prey NCA
    PhD Candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    Advisor: Dr. Jay Carlisle
  • Parker, Christina–Reptile Diversity and Genetics on the Snake River Birds of Prey NCA
    M.S. Student
    Advisors: Dr. David Pilliod and Dr. Jay Carlisle
  • Scott, Teague–Endangered Vultures in Gorongosa National Park
    M.S. Student
    Advisor: Dr. Marc Bechard
  • Smith, Jamie–Colonial Nesting Waterbirds and Irrigation on the Duck Valley Reservation
    M.S. Student
    Advisor: Dr. Jay Carlisle

Past Student Projects

Other past students that have contributed to IBO, above and beyond their thesis research.